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 Many fraud cases are happening.Helpline No. 182 (24 x 7): use this helpline number to report cases of malpractice regarding Railway Recruitment examinations and any recruitment to Railways.  

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Public Disclosure of Non-recommended Willing Candidates
गैर अनुशंसित इच्छुक उम्मीदवारों का सार्वजनिक प्रकटीकरण
  • For any recruitment related matter pertaining to RRB, Kolkata, the candidates can contact RRB/Kolkata during the office Hours i.e. 10:15 to 18:20 Hrs. from Monday to Friday on the land line No. (033)25430108. The person on duty in enquiry will attend it.
  • If the above number goes no response or found busy the candidates can contact on the Mobile No. 6291516873 during office hours.
  • Sri Moloy Kumar Pandit, OS/RRB/Kolkata is authorized to attend the mobile number.

    सी.ई.एन 01/2018
    CEN 01/2018

    सी.ई.एन 02/2018
    CEN 02/2018

    सी.ई.एन 03/2018
    CEN 03/2018

    सी.ई.एन 02/2019
    CEN 02/2019


    सी.ई.एन 01/2019 - NTPC स्नातक / पूर्वस्नातक श्रेणियाँ हेतु

    CEN 01/2019 - NTPC Grad/Under Grad Categories


    आर.आर.सी सी.ई.एन 01/2019 - 7 वें सीपीसी वेतन मैट्रिक्स के स्तर -1 के विभिन्न पदों के तहत

    RRC CEN 01/2019 - LEVEL-1 Posts (7th PC)


    सी.ई.एन 03/2019
    CEN 03/2019

    सी.ई.एन 01/2024
    CEN 01/2024

    सी.ई.एन 02/2024
    CEN 02/2024

    We Welcome you to the website of Railway Recruitment Board, Kolkata. RRB selects candidates purely as per merit and hence the candidates are advised not to fall into the trap of any touts or job racketeers in connection with appointment in Railways.

    This website is dedicated to our candidates who are desirous to seek employment in INDIAN RAILWAYS through this Board. It is our effort to make up-to-date information available which a candidate wishes to know.



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    Candidates to note that for any notice / information regarding Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), they should visit official websites of RRBs, only. Any information / notices being ciruclated in the social media regarding RRBs may be ignored.
    Important Announcement
    2.Provisional MERIT INDEX candidates recommended for appointment to the Railway Community Wise of CEN-03/2018(JE/CMA/DMS) after replacement Panel dated 30.11.2021   Click here


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